We blast and surface-finish workpieces according to your specifications or develop and document a machining process tailored to your workpieces for your requirements. Thanks to the large number of highly productive modern throughput systems, we offer you the greatest possible economic efficiency with consistently high part quality, even in large quantities.

Within the group of companies, deburring, grinding, polishing, washing and testing of the workpieces can be realised as a complete solution.

Blasting equipment

  • Pressure blasting technology
    • Satellite turntable
    • Blast room
    • Tumble belt blast machine
    • Drum blast machine
  • Wheel blasting technology
    • Mesh belt blast machine
    • Tumblast shot blast machine
    • Continuous belt shot blast machine
    • Rotary table blast machine

Finishing equipment

  • Centrifugal disc finishing machines
  • Continuous trough vibrators
  • Rotary vibrators
  • Media and centrifugal dryers

Inspection equipment

  • Optical inspection and measurement
  • Resistance measurement
  • Application of test gauges